USA | 1987 | 94 minutes | PG

A Cage x Coen Brothers match made in heaven, RAISING ARIZONA struck comic gold for its star, as well as the film’s emerging director/screenwriter fraternity. A madcap, neo-noir comedy about a childless couple who steal one baby out of a set of privileged quintuplets, RAISING ARIZONA was ahead of its time. Hilarious and yet kind to its protagonists—Cage as ex-con “Hi” McDunnough and Holly Hunter as former corrections officer “Ed” McDunnough—it is considered one of the all-time comedy greats. 

With RAISING ARIZONA, Cage began a string of films wherein he specialized as a former or current convict. “Hi” McDunnough couldn’t have been played by anyone else. While initial reviews criticized the film for its style over substance approach and noted Cage’s over the top performance, in the end RAISING ARIZONA became a canonical cult classic and one of Cage’s most beloved roles.  (ALICIA FLETCHER & BRENDAN ROSS)

Digital Presentation courtesy of Disney

Director: Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, John Goodman


UnCAGED: Vol. 3 – 80s Edition

Lock up your daughters, infants, fiancés, and secretaries, UnCAGED is back with Volume 3, wherein we celebrate the master of Western Kabuki during the decade he came up: the 1980s. Shedding his ensemble roles and emerging as a bonafide leading man, Nicolas Cage ushered in the eighties with genre re-defining masterworks, including the crown jewels of romcoms (VALLEY GIRL & MOONSTRUCK); a beloved Coen Bros. caper (RAISING ARIZONA); and a depraved, satirical horror (VAMPIRE’S KISS). The ‘80s were a time of defining what “uncaged” would come to mean and offered some of the dreamiest, and yet also monstrous of Cage iterations. 

Presented without irony and with a respect for theatrical presentation, celebrate Cage in his 60th year on earth every Wednesday in March. On-site bonus: an in-cinema UnCAGED marketplace for all your Cage collectible needs, including last edition’s sold-out Cage Trading Cards from artist Keenan Tamblyn, Cage shirts and totes, limited edition posters, and more!  


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