Roncy Reduces at the Revue: Embracing the Plastic Ban and Moving Beyond

We have forgotten the undeniable truth that everything is connected. PLANETARY (2015) is a provocative and breathtaking wakeup call, a cross continental, cinematic journey, that explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species. PLANETARY is a poetic and humbling reminder that it’s time to shift our perspective. PLANETARY asks us to rethink who we really are, to reconsider our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world around us – to remember that: we are PLANETARY.

By Guy Reid, Steve Watts Kennedy & Christoph Ferstad

The Planetary Collective travelled the world for two years to gather the stunning footage and intimate interviews from renown experts required to tell this planetary story about our current situation, our cosmic origins, and the future of life on this planet. The result is a stunning portrait of the Earth that combines NASA footage and beautiful aerial cinematography with a journey across continents: from the African savannah to the Alaskan wilderness, from visions of the Milky Way above the desert to Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas, and from the peace of Japanese forest temples to the cacophony of downtown Tokyo and midtown Manhattan.

Director: Guy Reid, Steve Watts Kennedy & Christoph Ferstad


The next step of the federal plastic ban will come into effect in December this year. It will include 6 single-use plastic items, including the ubiquitous plastic shopping bag. Moving away from single-use plastic is a big cultural shift and we all have a role to play in it. This event aims to inspire us to embrace our role, our actions and our relationship with the world around us.

What’s on the program:

  • What is being done about the plastic crisis in the City of Toronto and why more is needed – by Emily Alfred, waste campaigner of the Toronto Environmental Alliance TEA (10 min)
  • 30 ways how you can phase out single-use plastic in our Roncesvalles neighbourhood – by Roncy Reduces (5 min)
  • Film screening of Planetary (85 min)
  • Take-home actions (5 min)

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 Roncy Reduces is part of the Reusable Toronto initiative founded by TEA


$10.00 For A Ticket