Shot In The Dark Mysteries’ Mystery Film Festival

The 3RD Annual Shot In The Dark Mysteries’ Mystery Film Festival and Short Film Competition is here! Join us to watch short mystery films from our film competition – THAT ARE 10 MINUTES OR LESS! Be there when we reveal the 2022 winners and vote for Audience Favourite!



Welcome to the 3rd Annual short film contest and mystery film festival from Shot In The Dark Mysteries and Cloak and Dagger Studio, focused solely on mystery, thriller and murder mystery films! Do you love Film Noir? Hitchcock? Who-dun-its? Or perhaps a bit of dark humour? This film festival has it all.

We launched the Mystery Film Festival at the start of 2020 and… well… we all know what happened next. That didn’t stop us though! Even though we couldn’t have the live Film Festival and Showcase, we still ran the Short Film Competition – and film makers from around the world blew us away with their ability to weave a compelling mystery in ten minutes or less.

Or, in some cases, make us laugh. (The Banana one… 3 years later and our judges from that year still laugh when we talk about it)

Now that we are able to throw events again, we can’t wait to bring our vision for the world’s first Mystery Film Festival to life.


$25 CAD