SOCIETY (1989) – Presented on 35mm!

USA | 1989 | 100 minutes | R

35 on 35 is our new bi-monthly in-house series that celebrates 35th anniversaries of film presented on 35mm!  Curated by our Programming Director, Serena Whitney.

We kick off our series’ inaugural event with Brian Yuzna’s twisted body horror classic, SOCIETY! 

Bill is worried that he is ‘different’ to his sister and parents. They mix with other ‘upper class’ people while Bill is more down to earth. Even his girlfriend seems a bit odd. All is revealed when Bill returns home to find a party in full swing. Not for the weak of stomach.

Director: Brian Yuzna
Cast: Billy Warlock, Connie Danese, Ben Slack


Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


General Admission: $17

Loyalty Members, Students & Seniors: $14

Junior Individual/Family Members: $14

Full Individual/Family Members: FREE

Prices include taxes. Certain membership benefits are available.


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Fri May 17 – 9:30 pm