Sophie Jones

USA | 2021 | 85 mins | NR

“Sophie Jones Is Indie Coming-Of-Age At Its Best” – The Playlist

‘Euphoria’ Meets ‘Ladybird’Screen Queens

Director: Jessie Barr
Cast: Jessica Barr, Skylar Verity, Claire Manning


Inspired by true experiences of grief, girlhood, and growing up, Jessie Barr’s directorial debut SOPHIE JONES provides a stirring portrait of a sixteen year old. Stunned by the untimely death of her mother and struggling with the myriad challenges of teendom, Sophie (played with striking immediacy by the director’s cousin Jessica Barr) tries everything she can to feel something again, while holding herself together, in this sensitive, acutely realized, and utterly relatable coming-of-age story.

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