SRDCE NA DLANI (Heart To Heart)

2022 | 95 minutes | NR

Josef is excited to retire and finally fulfill his dream of becoming a street clown. What he doesn’t know is that his clowning will result in meeting energetic Maruška. It’s as if the two were looking for one another their whole lives, but isn’t it too late to fall in love now? Josef’s daughter Anička and her five-year-old son Honzík have just moved into Josef’s villa. She’s decided that she’s done with men, but meeting her old flame and neighbor Pavel touches her heart and starts changing her mind. Love pays no mind to age or place. We can never know when, and where, we’ll find it. We can fall in love in kindergarten, on the street, in a park. Love brings hope and beauty with it, but also complications and obstacles. It is up to our heroes to overcome them with good will and a smile.

Director: Martin Horský
Cast: Boleslav Polívka, Eliška Balzerová, Jana Pidrmanová


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