Stanley & Iris

USA | 1990 | 104min | PG

Jane Fonda plays Iris—a bakery worker in the Nevins & Davis, commercial bakery, who has found herself recently widowed and trying to support her family on a meager, working class paycheque.


Robert DeNiro plays Stanley—an illiterate, short-order cook who works in the cafeteria of the Nevins & Davis bakery, and manages to get fired one day because he can’t read the labels that distinguish sugar from roach powder. Iris and Stanley find one another, and Iris commits to teach Stanley how to read. Over time, the two develop a lukewarm, complicated, romantic relationship with each other, which is epitomized in their tandem, bike-riding adventures around Connecticut.
This is not a cinematic masterpiece. In fact, it was released to much criticism, and actually lost money. But it’s directed by Martin Ritt—who made some of the most intense, political dramas of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s—and stars two of Hollywood’s biggest names in completely ridiculous roles. If you want to be entertained and watch Jane Fonda frost a cake with her super-tanned arms, or laugh at Robert DeNiro trying to spell, “train” or “friendship”, this is the movie for you.


Director: Martin Ritt
Cast: Jane Fonda, Robert DeNiro, Martha Plimpton



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