Swan Song Festival

An evening Extravaganza of Grief and Sorrow through Song and Poetry Come Prepared to Share your own Spectacular Poems and Songs on Stage.


The Toronto Swan Song Festival Host team invites you to join us in celebrating the launch of Community Deathcare Canada (CDC) that promotes a re-engagement with death and dying in meaningful and community based ways. 



See www.communitydeathcarecanada.ca

We are featuring well-known local spoken word artists/poets and musicians to start off the evening. After the break, join us on stage to share your own songs and poetry of grief and sorrow.

Open Microphone Draw:
When the doors open, the host team will take the names of anyone wanting to participate in the Extravaganza and put them in a draw. Participants names will be drawn and invited to perform as time permits.

Donations welcome at the door.


General Admission: $15