The Beaver Hall Group of Painters

Canada | 1994 | 59 min | STC

While the all-male Group of Seven made their iconic paintings of Canada as wilderness, an equally bold, modern painting movement flourished in Montreal. The Beaver Hall Group, less well-known today, explored modern city life – and its most outstanding contributors, arguably, were women.


The NFB documentary, By Woman’s Hand, reveals the lives and work of three leading members in the group, formed in 1920 – Prudence Heward’s searching character studies and highly controversial nudes, Ann Savage’s art deco landscapes and Sarah Robertson’s over-the-wall glimpses of convent life. The Beaver Hall group created an artistic environment of mutual support that lasted for more than three decades.


Director: Pepita Ferrari
Cast: Kate Nelligan, Ellen David, Jane Wheeler


Our Guest Speaker:
We are thrilled, once again, to have Gerta Moray, Professor Emerita at Guelph University to discuss the Beaver Hall Group and the significance of the work they did. Gerta writes and lectures on modern and contemporary art, Canadian art and women’s art and feminist theory.

The Series: Extraordinary Women is presented by Back Lane Studios, in partnership with the Revue Cinema. Proceeds from the screening and discussion support Back Lane’s programming, which ranges from workshops for kids and seniors to art exhibits. Visit the Back Lane’s website for more information.


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