The Blob (1988)

USA | 1988

This Halloween weekend, Neon Dreams once again morphs into Neon Nightmares for a screening of the 1988 remake of THE BLOB. For those yet to experience Chuck Russell’s gloriously absurd, supremely goopy, and oddly wholesome crowd-pleaser, just imagine Twin Peaks if it was directed by an early-career Steven Spielberg and bolstered by Fulci-level splatter. But even that would be underselling the amount of charm and exhilaration bursting out of every single frame. Come experience THE BLOB the way it was meant to be seen—in the confines of a darkened movie theatre.

Director: Chuck Russell
Cast: Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith


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Doors Open 45 Minutes Before Showtime!


General Admission: $16
Loyalty Members/Child/Senior/Student: $13

Individual/Family Members: FREE

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