The God Of Cookery w/ Revel Food

China I 1996 I 92 min I NR

god of cookery

Stephen Chow IS Stephen Chow in THE GOD OF COOKERY! From the actor, writer, producer and director of KUNG FU HUSTLE comes a film about a celebrity chef’s fall from grace, and his quest for redemption in the food world.

If THE GOD OF COOKERY were a recipe it would be one part comedy, one part satire, a dash of the bizarre, and a great deal of deliciousness as we dive into classic, Chinese cuisine.


Stephen Chow plays a celebrity chef whose arrogance eventually reveals that he is not a talented chef. He is forced to resign his title of “The God of Cookery” and thus, falls into a state of poverty and despair. He is found in the neighbourhood of Temple Street by a woman named Turkey, who runs a food stall. Out of adoration for the former “god”, she feeds him her famous dish of BBQ pork on rice. Suddenly Chow begins to feel himself again, and manages to settle a dispute between food vendors by creating a new dish—“Explosive Pissing Beef Balls”—which, he is convinced, will help him to regain his title. Chow enrolls in culinary school (also a Shaolin monastery, designed to teach him the Shaolin Arts), and is set to face off in an epic, Iron Chef competition.


Director: Stephen Chow
Cast: Stephen Chow, Karen Mok, Nancy Sit



About the Snack Pairing
Revel Food has been called “the hottest, new, pop-up restaurant.” Run by Katie Bradley and David Le, Revel Food seeks to bring Asian-fusion to a whole new level. Whether it’s hosting a backyard BBQ at The Beaver in the summer, or an “Opera and Fried Rice” event at Cote de Boeuf (pairing, you guessed it, live opera with food), Revel Food wants you to have fun, stay relaxed, and indulge in their South East Asian flavours.

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