The Green Ray

FRANCE | 1986 | 99 min | PG

It’s July, and Delphine has nowhere to go for the summer. She feels very bored and “empty”, but this won’t last; one day she accidentally meets someone who seems to be totally made for her…


Winner of the Golden Lion at the 1986 Venice Film Festival, Eric Rohmer’s The Green Ray perfectly captures those melancholy end-of-summer vibes. Newly-single Parisian Delphine (Marie Rivière, who shares a writing credit with Rohmer for the film’s mostly-improvised dialogue) tries to enjoy her precious few weeks of summer vacation while coping with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Equal parts vulnerable and hopeful, The Green Rayis a masterpiece of summertime sadness. – MALLORY ANDREWS


Director: Éric Rohmer
Cast: Marie Rivière, María Luisa García, Vincent Gauthier


The screening will be hosted and introduced by Mallory Andrews.


This is a free screening.