The Kingdom Exodus (season 3 – Episodes 4 & 5)

Denmark | 2022 | 120 minutes | NR

Sleepwalker Karen is summoned to the Kingdom by a mysterious voice appearing to her in a nightmare, pleading for help. At the hospital, she comes across old friends of the Kingdom as well as new members of staff. To exorcize the evil spirits once and for all, Karen joins forces with the hospital porter Balder, and the heart surgeon Judith – but satanic forces fight back.

The Swedish chief physician, Dr. Helmer Jr, has recently obtained a position at the Kingdom. But his medical calling is far from his main priority, as he hides a secret agenda that involves finding out what really happened to his late father, Stig Helmer.

Hospital director Bob suffers terribly from feelings of inferiority and struggles alternately between solving games of solitaire on his computer and optimizing the hospital’s finances. Meanwhile senior consultant Dr. Pontoppidan does his best to avoid both patients and members of staff with their difficult questions and numerous demands.

We also come across Rigmor, who is now a patient at the Kingdom; Dr. Krogshøj, who still walks around in an evil, trancelike state; a special group of anonymous Swedes; as well the surgeon Dr. Naver, who struggles to control his anger. It would appear everything is as it’s always been and yet nothing is the same.

Director: Lars Von Trier
Cast: Bodil Jørgensen, Mikael Persbrandt, Lars Mikkelsen


Episode 12 Barbarossa & Episode 13: Exodus

Prepare to take the good with the evil in this new limited series from visionary director Lars von Trier. The long-awaited third season picks up where THE KINGDOM ended, as a mysterious voice calls out to a sleepwalker: the Kingdom Hospital needs her help. Awaking from her nightmare, she sets out to track down the spirits haunting its inhabitants.

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