USA | 1988 | 69 mins | G

In April, we’re going back to THE LAND BEFORE TIME, the Don Bluth film that spawned the franchise that dominated the kindergarten VCR of the early 1990’s. The movie follows the perilous journey of Littlefoot, a longneck dinosaur born during a time of great upheaval and who must find his way to the Great Valley. Orphaned and alone, he finds company in a stubborn three-horn named Cera, optimistic big mouth Ducky, anxious Petrie, and silent Spike: together they must avoid natural disasters and predators, including the terrible Sharptooth, who is as hungry as they are.

Favourably compared to the films of Disney’s golden age when it was released, Don Bluth’s film both terrified and entranced young audiences, spurring on 13 direct-to-video sequels, a tv series, videogames, and more. While a deceptively simple plot, THE LAND BEFORE TIME communicates a series of lessons on tragedy, grief, anger, fear, diversity, resilience and found families. – CRYSTAL MADORE

Director: Don Bluth
Cast: Gabriel Damon, Candace Hutson, Judith Barsi, Will Ryan, the Sharptooth


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