USA | 1920 | 107 minutes | NR

Get ready for swashbuckling adventure! Douglas Fairbanks, the first king of Hollywood, was a well-known light comedian until he decided to change it all. With Zorro, he virtually created the swashbuckling adventure genre. Zorro turned out to be the perfect vehicle for his daring athletic style, exuberance and mischievous comedy. His adaptation of The Curse of Capistrano proved so successful that all later versions on film, television, video games and comics books are based on the archetype that Fairbanks created, right down the Z. This is one of those films that will have your cheering right until the final fadeout!

Batman originator, Bob Kane, cites this film as his main influence in the Dark Knight’s development. It’s easy to see why this film created an industry with future films, serials, tv shows, comic books and games. 

Bonus Short: The Mystery of the Leaping Fish 1916 starring Douglas Fairbanks 

A hallucinogenic fever dream of the strange, absurd and the truly bizarre that’ll have you saying, “how the heck did they get away with it?” Perhaps the knowledge that Tod Browning (West of Zanzibar) was involved as scenario writer of this burlesque setup on Sherlock Holmes will make it easier to believe. Coke addled detective Coke Ennyday attempts to thwart drug dealers importing contraband via inflatable rubber fish (I kid you not). Defying description, it just a film you HAVE see on the big screen. A cult classic.

Director: Fred Niblo
Cast: Douglas Fairbanks, Noah Beery, Charles Hill Mailes


Live musical accompaniment.


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