The Neverending Story – Tweet-A-Long Viewing Party!

USA | 1984 | 94 mins | PG

Throwback Cinema presents a mid-winter #RevueTweetAlong for THE NEVERENDING STORY!


Pandemic winter got you down? Feeling forlorn from socially distancing, worn down by life in lockdown, in need of catharsis?

Can I interest you in a luckdragon?

The Neverending Story has returned to Netflix Canada, and Throwback Cinema’s Crystal Madore (@jodiesjumpsuit) is here to hold your hand (virtually) in a #RevueTweetAlong of one of the most beautiful and notorious films in the millennial imagination. When a bullied child struggling with the loss of his mother discovers a magical book, he finds the world of Fantasia, which itself is threatened by the terrible, consuming Nothing. Can the hero Atreyu save the Childlike Empress and their world, or does the fate of Fantasia lie in the hands of someone else?

With 50% of proceeds of the event going to The Revue and to our programming team that are affected by our temporary closure, you can lose yourself in the world of Fantasia while knowing you’re helping keep magic alive in our own. Join us online on Saturday, February 13 at 7 PM! – CRYSTAL MADORE


Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Cast: Jack Black, Noah Hathaway, Barret Oliver, Tami Stronach


For both the young and young-at-heart, Throwback Cinema presents the movies of your childhood, back on the big screen at the Revue. Hosted and curated (more…)


Watch the film on Netflix Canada on Feb 13th at 7pm EST and follow along on Twitter by using the hashtag: #RevueTweetAlong


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