The Temptress

USA | 1926 | 90 min | Passed

A director once said of Garbo that she had a rapport with an audience…that she could let them know she was thinking things, and thinking them uncensored.


The Temptress shows us that even at the young age of 21, she had the power to hold audiences eyes like no other. As Elena, the exotic beauty in a loveless marriage, she attracts men to her flame. And just like moths, men burn. Opening in the decadence of a Parisian masked ball, Elena meets Robledo who declares his love for her only to be crushed at finding her married. He flees to Argentina only to have her reappear years later with fatal results.


Director: Fred Niblo
Cast: Greta Garbo, Antonio Moreno, Lionel Barrymore


Introduced by Christina Stewart, Assistant Archivist, Media Commons
Accompaniment: Marilyn Lerner


General Admission: $15
Seniors, and Students: $15

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