THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2003) – 20th Anniversary Screening!

USA | 2003 | 98 minutes | R

After picking up a traumatized young hitchhiker, five friends find themselves stalked and hunted by a deformed chainsaw-wielding loon and his family of equally psychopathic killers.

Director: Marcus Nispel
Cast: Jessica Biel, Andrew Bryniarski, Eric Balfour, R. Lee Ermey


20th Anniversary Screening!

For “Halfway To Halloween” season, re-visit the much maligned remake of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE at The Revue!

Whether you were an adult that complained about the news of this remake on IMDB Message Boards in 2003 or you were a child who first experienced this re-imagining at a sleepover, it’s safe to say…we are all probably feeling the same way: “20 years already? God, I feel old.”

Come to The Revue and give this remake a second chance or watch it ironically to see if it’s the New “TCM: The Next Generation.” Regardless of how you want to view this remake, seeing it on the big screen at The Revue will make it an entertaining time! – Serena Whitney (Programming Director)

P.S. Don’t worry, OG TCM fans! We have you covered later this summer! 😉

Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


General Admission: $15
Loyalty Members, Students & Seniors: $12
Gold/Individual/Family Members: FREE

For INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS ($350 – $450) and FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS, please email us at to get your ticket!

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