Until Branches Bend

Canada | 2022 | 98 minutes | PG

Robin (Grace Glowicki) lives with her sister Laney (Alexandra Roberts) in the idyllic orchard town of Montague. While at work at the fruit packing house, she finds a bug that she believes to be invasive. When her boss Dennis (Lochlyn Munro) brushes away her concerns, Robin goes public with her finding. The reaction is swift: the factory shuts down, the farms areplaced under quarantine, and the majority of the people in Montague find themselves unemployed – with Robin to blame. Meanwhile, Robin has been struggling to get an abortion. Unable to take control of her own body, she devotes herself entirely to finding proof that the bug she found was real. The parallel between these two invasions becomes clear as Robin loses herself in her obsession. Until Branches Bend is a psychological drama that shows how trouble under the surface will always come to light.

Director: Sophie Jarvis
Cast: Grace Glowicki, Alexandra Roberts, Quelemia Sparrow, Lochlyn Munro


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