VERY BAD THINGS (25th Anniversary Screening!)

USA | 1998 | 100 mins | 18A

Kyle Fisher (Jon Favreau) heads to Las Vegas for a bachelor party with four friends. When one of them accidentally kills a hired stripper and a security guard finds the body, unstable Boyd (Christian Slater) kills the guard to keep him from calling the cops, then organizes the group to dispose of the corpses. Back home, Kyle is troubled and has difficulty hiding his worries from his fiancée (Cameron Diaz). Meanwhile, to ensure his own safety, Boyd begins killing the others.

Director: Peter Berg
Cast: Jon Favreau, Christian Slater, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Stern


Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Peter Berg’s very twisted dark comedy, VERY BAD THINGS!

VERY BAD THINGS is one of my favourite dark comedies and I consider it to be a spiritual sequel to HEATHERS (also starring Christian Slater in nearly identical roles). Although twisted, this darkly comic film is highly entertaining and is definitely worth a re-visit on the big screen! – SERENA WHITNEY (Programming Director)

Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


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