USA | 1995 | 178 minutes | Rated PG-13

After the melting of the polar ice caps, most of the globe is underwater. Some humans have survived, and even fewer still, notably the Mariner (Kevin Costner), have adapted to the ocean by developing gills. A loner by nature, the Mariner reluctantly befriends Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and her young companion, Enola (Tina Majorino), as they escape from a hostile artificial island. Soon the sinister Smokers are pursuing them in the belief that Enola holds the key to finding the mythical Dryland.

Director: Kevin Reynolds
Cast: Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper, Tina Majorino, Jeanne Tripplehorn



Heat Wave at the Revue Cinema, a lineup of the greatest summer movies ever made, continues on July 13th with WATER WORLD with an introduction by Brandon Lim!

The year is 2500 and earth’s polar ice-caps have mostly melted. Nearly everything is under water, but a lone pee-drinking Mariner (KEVIN COSTNER) with webbed feet and gills still survives in a world full of floating communities and the not-very-chill Smokers— mercenary sea pirates in search of a young girl named Enola who might have a map to the promised “Dryland” tattooed on her back.

Deemed the most expensive film ever made in 1995, Waterworld’s notoriously troubled production due to BEING FILMED ENTIRELY ON WATER led to tepid reviews that also “sank” Kevin Costner’s career— puns intended. Despite its dry critical reception, Waterworld remains a magnificent wet spectacle of explosive stunt-work, wild post-apocalyptic set pieces, plus Dennis Hopper with a sick eye-patch. It’s like Mad Max, but wetter…! (BRANDON LIM)

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