What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

USA | 1962 | 134 min | 14A

An instant genre classic upon its release on Halloween 1962, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? remains as relevant now as it did when it swept the Academy Awards that year.


The story of paraplegic Blanche (Joan Crawford) being held captive by her sister, delusional former child star Jane (Bette Davis) is all at once a harrowing journey into mental illness, the fickle gossamer of showbiz and the familial ties that bind. The film has aged remarkably well for a number of reasons; none the least of which is the bitter, real-life rivalry between the two leads; a tension that translated to the screen in more ways than one. A masterclass of taut pacing from the opening credits to the shock reveal ending, don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness this cult classic with a crowd! – ANDREA SUBISSATI


Director: Robert Aldrich
Cast: Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono


Introduced by Rue Morgue Executive Editor Andrea Subissati, discussing Joan Crawford, Bette David, and the ‘hagsploitation’ genre of the 1960s.

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This screening is presented by The Revue Cinema and Designing the Movies, in partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum, with community sponsorship from Damzels.


General Admission: $15
Bronze Members, Students & Seniors: $12
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