What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

USA | 1962 | 134 min | 14A

An instant genre classic upon its release on Halloween 1962, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? remains as relevant now as it did when it swept the Academy Awards that year.

Director: Robert Aldrich
Cast: Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono


HAGGY NEW YEAR!! Join Dumpster Raccoon Cinema as it examines both the beginnings and ends of one of cinema’s campiest genres…

Psycho-biddy! Grande dame guignol! HAGSPLOITATION – at once the purest expression of Hollywood’s contempt for that most disposable of currency, the aging starlet, and the source of many of those actress’s second lives and greatest performances. And it all began here, with a dazzling explosion of scenery-gnashing spectacle that powered a sweep of awards and the birth of a frenzied new genre of cinema.

You’ve seen it spoofed a thousand times – now see why.

In What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) the roiling feud between mega-stars BETTE DAVIS and JOAN CRAWFORD, who had competed for decades for roles and now both saw the twilight of their careers at hand, is given purest expression in the lurid horror of the fading Hollywood glamour of Hudson sisters Blanche and Jane – one a murderous psychopath, the other a captive, gaslit victim (but which sister is which?).

The film is so strange, upsetting, and deliciously over the top it transcends classification and the bounds of taste – and that’s why we love it. Despite its stratospheric accolades and blockbuster success, its limelight has always been a little too sallow, a little too severe, and it has become the high watermark for camp classic and drag parody. This is a chance to see the film as it was meant to be seen – with a bunch of rowdy queers!

With video pre-show, signature cocktails, introduction by Anthony Oliveira and live performance from LUCINDA MIU!


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