Wheels on Meals

Hong Kong | 1984 | 104 min | 14A

The owners (Jackie Chan, Biao Yuen) of a mobile restaurant help a private eye (Samo Hung) locate a mysterious woman.


Wrap your head around this one: Jackie Chan and Biao Yuen play food truck drivers in Barcelona named Thomas and David, who also happen to be cousins, who also deliver their food on skateboards, and also happen to be martial arts experts. Thomas and David continue to find themselves in dangerous predicaments–including a run-in with the local biker gang–and upon visiting David’s father in the mental institute, both fall in love with David’s father’s girlfriend’s daughter, Sylvia…who happens to be a rich kleptomaniac, masquerading as a prostitute, and hunted by a criminal gang. Oh, and Sammo Hung is also in this movie (in fact, he wrote and directed it): Hung plays a bumbling, private detective who also wants to catch Sylvia.

This is probably the most outrageous movie we have screened for Food in Film, and yet it went on to break box-office records in Japan and South Korea upon its release. In Japan, it was released as SPARTAN X, and influenced an entire franchise of comic books and video games. It stars Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Biao Yuen at the height of their careers, and during a period when the three of them were working together on a continuous basis to produce some of the best of Hong Kong cinema. This movie also contains what is regarded as the best onscreen martial arts fight (between Jackie Chan and Benny Urquidez, the kickboxing champion). — CORA JAMES


Director: Sammo Hung
Cast: Jackie Chan, Biao Yuen, Sammo Hung



The film will be presented in Cantonese, with English subtitles. Presentation: HD

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