When Stan Met Ollie

Before there was even a first “another nice mess”, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy each spent a decade as cinematic soloists until destiny plus a little help from the Hal Roach Studios united them as what would ultimately become the world’s most beloved comedy duo.


Five rib-tickling films explore their solo and team work leading up to their ultimate pairing. Films include Mother’s Baby Boy, one of the earliest existing screen appearances of “Babe” Hardy (unseen for over 100 years!) and the debut of the British Film Institute’s restoration of Mabel Normand and Oliver Hardy in SHOULD MEN WALK HOME?, right up to the history-in-the-making moment when they donned their dual derbies for the very first time.


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Introduced by Chris Seguin
Accompaniment: Jordan Klapman


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Seniors, and Students: $12

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