Young Adult

USA | 2011 | 94 minutes | 14A

Soon after her divorce, a fiction writer returns to her home in small-town Minnesota, looking to rekindle a romance with her ex-boyfriend, who is now happily married and has a newborn daughter.

Director: Jason Reitman
Cast: Charlize Theron, Patton Oswalt, Patrick Wilson


Emily Gagne and Danita Steinberg are the hosts of a new podcast about women in film at the Revue Cinema. We Really Like Her! focuses (more…)


This November, We Really Like Her! invites you to hit the books with a screening of Diablo Cody’s hilarious and harrowing Young Adult (2011).

Written by Cody in her second collaboration with director Jason Reitman following Juno, Young Adult paints a searing portrait of a former prom queen whose ongoing arrested development keeps her from forging real connections. The dark comedy follows Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron), a 37-year-old ghost writer behind a soon-to-be-canceled YA series that has shades of Sweet Valley High.

When Mavis receives an invite to a baby shower hosted by her ex, Buddy (Patrick Wilson in full himbo mode), she returns to her hometown with her sights set on rekindling their old flame and recapturing her glory days. Little does she know there are few people (save for Patton Oswalt’s sweet loner Matt) who are willing to forgive her senior year sins.

On paper, Mavis might sound like the epitome of the “unlikeable female character,” but thanks to Theron’s cutting performance and Cody’s whip-smart script, she transcends that problematic label to offer a nuanced insight into depression and addiction. Much like Jennifer’s Body (2009) and Tully (another Cody/Theron/Reitman film from 2018), Young Adult is a tough, but worthy watch that documents the pressure we put on women to strive for “perfection” no matter what the cost. – EMILY GAGNE & DANITA STEINBERG

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