Perms and giant shoulder pads come in and out of fashion, but some things never change. In Mike Nichols’ sharp romantic comedy Working Girl, ambitious Staten Island secretary Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) is not trying to land a guy — she’s looking to land a business deal.

But institutionalized discrimination takes many forms and Tess is not taken seriously at her new job—as much because of her gender as because of the way she talks and dresses. Between the mergers and acquisitions and a double-cross between Tess, her boss Katherine (Sigourney Weaver) and a corporate raider (Harrison Ford), the secretary “with a head for business and a bod for sin” has to be shrewd and more than a little conniving to get ahead.

This fairytale of New York has been described as “the wicked step-daughter of 9 to 5 “ and as “a little bit Howard Hawks, a little bit Bloomberg Businessweek.” Come see the classic that mined the zeitgeist of 1980s corporate culture and female ambition that’s still all too relevant today.[/show_more]