Bechdel Tested tackles topics of women’s representation in various fields. Like the Bechdel Test itself, this series shines a light on women who take a leading role in their respective industries, the challenges of maintaining those positions, and how to create better representation and inclusion for all women. Each bi-monthly event focuses on women in a specific industry and screens a women-centric film which is relevant to a particular occupation, features a panel discussion with experts and leaders in their field, as well as networking and drinks.

Our mission is to advance women’s roles in various industries through public discussion, community building, and cinema.


Bechdel Tested is curated by Erica Shiner and co-produced by Michal Stein and Liz Leia.


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Julia Child's story of her start in the cooking profession is intertwined with blogger Julie…

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Bechdel Tested is back and we're thrilled to launch our third season with an event focusing on women in theatre, co-presented by Nightwood Theatre!

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