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2010 (Christopher Nolan) PG, 146 minutes

Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe

Inception presents us with a very interesting proposition; that the technology exists to delve into people's'subconscious dream-states in order to influence core decision making. DiCaprio plays an operative agent, skilled in transcending the various, increasingly bizarre layers and levels within the subconscious mind to influence corporate leaders.  But has DiCaprio's character indulged so much that he can no longer tell when he is within a dream or in waking life? It's certainly possible. The premise of Inception is definitely original. The film gives a plausible rationale for influencing and navigating other people's dreams, however, I happen to believe that subconsciousness has more to it than merely a sequence of fairly standard action scenes, though they all fold in to one another nicely. Inception boasts fantastic, gravity-defying special effects and an interesting storyline. It's too bad the film degenerates into a shoot 'em up game, inside the mind.


Carmen Victor

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