Revue Film Society

The Revue Cinema is a unique Toronto cultural treasure with a vibrant historic past and an unwavering community commitment. We are dedicated to presenting programs which appeal to wide-ranging audiences of different age groups, diverse backgrounds and varying interests that reflect the ever-changing local community and the Greater Toronto Area.

In 2006 the Revue Film Society was formed by community members to preserve the cinema, after threat of permanent closure under its then-owner. The Revue Film Society is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization which operates the Revue Cinema. The board is made up of unpaid, volunteer members who provide governance to the nonprofit’s operating staff. 

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Our MiSsion

The Revue Film Society brings people together to share a love of film through high-quality screenings at the Revue Cinema, a historic, independent, and inclusive movie theatre in the heart of Toronto’s West End.


The Revue creates community by bringing people together through the power of shared experience. Our screeings engage, entertain and elevate as we strive to bring the best of independent, diverse, Canadian, documentary, current and classic cinema to our big screen.

We believe it’s our role to offer the community something different, whether it is to ensure great films from the past are not forgotten, important but less commercially successful films are properly recognized and special events from a range of cultures and interests have a venue for exhibition.

The Revue provides opportunities for people to discover, explore and learn through film, arts and culture. We program over a thousand screenings per year. Approximately one third are enhanced events which range from specially curated film series, multicultural film festivals, Q&A’s, panel discussions and conversations with experts, co-productions with talented exhibitors, artists and musicians, and rentals where the Revue provides the space and the staffing to support outside organizations (often not-for-profits) to run their own event, screening, or fundraiser.

“The Revue is famed for its serious and eclectic repertory programming, some of the most consistently interesting in the city: silent comedies, canonical anime, Fred Astaire dance classics and cult hits from the 1980s.”


–  Calum Marsh, National Post 


To be Toronto’s best independent cinema.

RFS Cinema Staff

Programming Director

Serena Whitney

General Manager

Caitlin France

RFS Board of Directors

Grant Oyston (Chair)

Lisa Amerongen (Vice Chair)
Marc Priestley (Treasurer)
Sara Street (Secretary)
Michael Bowles
Ashley Chen
Trevor Crowley
Ryan Fukunaga
Gerard McDonald
Elizabeth Renzetti

Contact Us

Get in touch with the Revue Management team at [info] and the Revue Board of Directors at [board]!