Les Blank on 16mm: Burden of Dreams (1982) Werner Herzog Eats his Shoe (1980)

by Revue Team

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Burden of Dreams (1982) 
preceded by Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (1980)

“Taking a close look at what's around us, there is some sort of a harmony. It is the harmony of... overwhelming and collective murder.”- Werner Herzog

In one of the most harrowing movies-about-making-movies ever made, documentary filmmaker Les Blank follows director Werner Herzog as he begins work on his 1982 epic Fitzcarraldo. Herzog soon runs into serious setbacks, from casting problems to his own stubborn refusal to use special effects. After having to reshoot much of the film because the lead actor was recast, his crew must then haul an old-fashioned steamboat over a mountain using manpower alone. With a resolve bordering on insanity, Herzog struggles to realize his vision, vowing to see the film completed -- even if it leads to his undoing.

Entire programme presented on gorgeous 16mm prints. 14A

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