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Magice Mike XXL (2015) (14A)

March 31st. Doors at 9:00, film at 9:30pm

Note - Now showing Magic Mike XXL.

Sometimes it takes a second look. Right? Sometimes we want do-over. Well, this is one of those times.

It's time to take this Magic and upsize it, make it XXL... The Bad Moms in charge at The Revue decided to switch

from the original Magic Mike, to Magic Mike XXL. It's bigger, it's badder and we think it's better. It's got a

feminist feel that we can get behind! Don't worry, still Channing Tatum, but Jada Pinkett Smith brings

it home for us Queens. 

Come celebrate with an evening of laughs, friendship, cocktails (the occasional drinking game), and a

disgracefully entertaining film.  Join forces with the other Bad Moms of Roncy and beyond - hosted by some of your own

- Julie Sabine, Samantha Hodder and Aileen MacDonald. Come find your magic.

Special Event Admission: $15 General, $12 Members, Students & Seniors.

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Many thanks to our Presenting Sponsor Grateful Head 

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Prize sponsors for the evening include the following amazing local Roncy businesses

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