Out Of Sight

Out of Sight

1998 (Steven Soderbergh) 14A, 121 minutes

George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Keener, Don Cheadle

Steven Soderbergh delivered on his early promise with a smart, confident adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s crime thriller, Out of Sight. With an exceptional cast (Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Dennis Farina), David Holmes' neo-funk score and Soderbergh's stylish direction, which references the energy and invention of the French New Wave, Out of Sight feels like a dress-rehearsal for the Ocean's 11 movies but it's smarter than it needs to be, is enormous fun and is the return-to-form of one modern cinema's most talented directors. He produces star-making performances from George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez (both shockingly beautiful and impossibly young) and their chemistry is very cool and ridiculously sexy. 

Adrian Doran

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