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We Need to Talk About Kevin

2011 (Lynne Ramsay) 14A, 110 minutes

John C. Reilly; Tilda Swinton; Ezra Miller

Kevin (Ezra Miller), the teenage son of Eva (Swinton) and Franklin (John C. Reilly), is a mass-murderer. One day, he barricades himself inside his high school gym and uses his schoolmates as targets. The full extent of his murderous rampage does not become known until later. His mother must endure the rage of the victims' parents. As she tries to put her life back together - a seemingly impossible task - and reconcile herself to what Kevin has done, she flashes back on the entirety of his life - from his conception to his birth to his childhood. She recognizes that the warning signs were there from his early life, but never could she have imagined how the bad seed would germinate.


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