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Young Adult

Young Adult

2011 (Jason Reitman) 14A, 94 minutes - English

Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson, Patton Oswalt

Mavis (Charlize Theron) is in her early 30s, a time when the limits of life are first felt and yet the romance of the teen years is still a vivid memory. In her career, Mavis is almost successful. She writes young-adult novels for a popular series, but really is a ghostwriter working off an outline. She lives in the city and feels grandly superior to the people back home, but she is thinking about them a lot more than they're thinking about her. Then one day she finds out that her high school sweetheart and his wife have had a child, and she becomes possessed by the idea of returning home and stealing the ex from his family.

Mick LaSalle - San Francisco Chronicle

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