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Anime At The Revue: GHOST IN THE SHELL: INNOCENCE (2004) – New 4K Restoration!

Runtime: 100 mins | Release Year: 2004 | Rating: PG-13 | Genre(s): Animation, Drama, Science Fiction
Production Country: Japan | Original Language: Japanese

Cyborg detective Batou is assigned to investigate a series of murders committed by gynoids‚ÄĒdoll-like cyborgs, which all malfunctioned, killed, then self-destructed afterwards. The brains of the gynoids initialize in order to protect their manufacturer’s software, but in one gynoid, which Batou himself neutralized, one file remains: a voice speaking the phrase “Help me.”

‣ Monday August 05th @ 06:45 PM
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In the year 2032, the line between humans and machines has been blurred almost beyond distinction. A string of murders perpetrated by a prototype android model has drawn the attention of Public Security Section 9, a unit specializing in counter cyber-terrorism. With none of the victims’ families pressing charges, suspicions arise regarding the nature of the androids and their production company. In the course of the investigation, the almost entirely cyber-bodied agent Batou, and his still human partner Togusa embark on a journey through a technological dystopia, taking on ferocious Yakuza thugs, devious hackers, government bureaucrats, and corporate criminals to uncover the shocking truth behind the crime.

Acclaimed director Mamoru Oshii pushes further into the world and concepts first developed in his groundbreaking film Ghost in the Shell, considered one of the most important and iconic anime films ever made. With its thought-provoking speculations on artificial intelligence, which have only become more relevant in our present world, GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE celebrates its 20th anniversary returning to cinemas in a lustrous new 4K restoration. (GKIDS) 

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Cast/Crew Info
Naoko Kusumi | Cast: Akio Otsuka, Koichi Yamadera, Atsuko Tanaka, Tamio Ohki, Yutaka Nakano