Black Belt Cinema: DEATH PROMISE (1977)

Runtime: 95 mins | Release Year: 1977 | Rating: R | Genre(s): Action, Crime
Production Country: USA | Original Language: English

‣ Saturday September 07th @ 09:30 PM

The tenants of a run down apartment building are being harassed by Iguana Realty, a cabal of ruthless landlords trying to illegally force them out of their homes. A group of thugs hired by the landlords to intimidate the tenants end up killing the father of Charley, a karate master who is forced to take matters into his own deadly hands. With the help of his best friend Speedy and the support of his community, they devise a plan to murder each of the board members of Iguana Realty.


Starring a cast of NYC-based martial artists from the 1976 documentary THE SUPER WEAPON (remember the neck punching scenes from TRAILER TRASH: BLACK BELT?) DEATH PROMISE is an immensely cathartic, action-packed middle finger to the ruling class and a reminder to landlords that community is stronger than greed. (BRANDON LIM)

Part of the Black Belt Cinema series!

Cast/Crew Info
Robert Warmflash | Cast: Charles Bonet, Speedy Leacock, Bill Louie, Thompson Kao Kang, Vincent Van Lynn