Center Stage – 20th Anniversary Tweet-A-Long Party

USA | 2000 | 115 mins | PG

On May 12, join Anne T. Donahue as she celebrates the 20th anniversary of Center Stage via a watch-along screening brought to you by The Revue. Obviously the best dance movie ever made, Center Stage explores the world of competitive ballet dancing and New York’s (fictional) American Ballet Academy. Through the eyes of talented-but-not-talented-enough Jody Sawyer, we meet an incredible roster of dancers and pals who, just because they may know how to bust a move, may not be on the path they necessarily planned to lay claim to.


Also, there are several dance-off scenes that will change your life and will have you justify blaring the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Jamiroquai for the entirety of the year. After all, why not live based on the words spoken by the dance teacher with a penchant for “Higher Ground”: Just dance the shit out of it. I’m not even sure if that really applies. But reader, I do not care. – ANNE T. DONAHUE


Director: Nicholas Hytner
Cast: Amanda Schull, Ethan Stiefel, Sascha Radetsky, Zoe Saldana


Watch the film on Netflix Canada on May 12th at 7pm EDT and follow along on Twitter by using the hashtag: #RevueTweetAlong


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