AUSTRIA | 2013 | 45 min |

Dui Rroma (Two Roma) is a documentary about Hugo Hollenreiner’s ordeal as an Auschwitz survivor of Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death.” Produced by Hugo Höllenrainer and Adrian Gaspar in Austria. A young composer, Adrian Gaspar, heard the oratory of Hugo, and set the history to music, creating “Symponia Rromani Bari Dukh,” the Rromani Symphony of Great Pain.

Director: Iovanca Gaspar
Cast:  Hugo Höllenreiner, Adrian Gaspar, Marcel Courthiade, Gerhard Baumgartner


The Toronto Roma Community Centre presents the screening of ‘Dui Rroma’. This event starts at 6 pm through to 8:30 pm. Wine and cheese will be available for sale at the theatre. We will also have authentic Roma music played by The Gypsy Rebels to commemorate the memory of the estimated million Roma who lost their lives during the Holocaust, and yet remain largely invisible and unheard to this day during similar Holocaust remembrance events.

The music, performers and the documentary are mainly in Rromanes language. The documentary is Subtitled in English.



Admission is free and seating is limited, so please ensure your place for this important event by requesting tickets now. Wine will be sold at nominal cost by the Theatre during this event.

Donations to the Toronto Roma Community Centre to help with operating costs will gladly be accepted.