Oscars Live Broadcast


The 90th Annual Academy Awards Live at The Revue Cinema! It’s that time of year again and the Revue’s annual Oscar party is not to be missed!

A live broadcast of the Academy Awards on our giant screen will be accompanied by trivia, prizes, champagne and all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood on Roncesvalles!


FREE! Donations are more than welcome.



11 thoughts on “Oscars Live Broadcast

  1. Will Eventbrite tickets be required for the Oscars again this year? If so, when will they be available?
    Thank you!

  2. Eventbrite suggests arriving early to guarantee our tickets – is early in relation to the 7pm doors open or the 8pm start time? Thank you!

  3. hi there!
    my partner will be coming straight from work so probably won’t arrive until right around 8. we have tickets and I will be able to arrive early, is it okay for me to save one spot for him since we have tickets?

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