SILENT RAGE – 40th Anniversary Screening!

USA | 1982 | 103 minutes | R

A sheriff kills a murderer whose body is then donated to science. Three doctors operate on the body using a revolutionary drug that not only brings the criminal back to life but also gives him super-human powers. When the resurrected man begins to kill again, the sheriff faces the difficult task of hunting him down.

Director: Michael Miller
Cast: Chuck Norris, Brian Libby, Ron Silver


40th Anniversary Screening!

There’s a maniac on a killing spree in a small Texas town and only one man can stop him: CHUCK NORRIS.

Sheriff Dan Stevens gets more than he bargained for though when the killer’s body is donated to science and three doctors working on a secret genetic experiment accidentally bring him back to life with the power to self-heal. Oops! Nearly indestructible and on the hunt for new victims, it’ll take more than just roundhouse kicks (but still a LOT of roundhouse kicks) for ol’ Chuck to defeat this bad guy.

Existing somewhere between WALKER TEXAS RANGER and HALLOWEEN, SILENT RAGE was a rare foray into horror for Chuck Norris who stars in this early 80s slasher alongside other genre greats like WILLIAM FINLEY (PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE), RON SILVER (TIME COP) and TONI KALEM (THE SOPRANOS). Described by director MICHAEL MILLER as “KUNG FU meets FRANKENSTEIN”, don’t miss the Chief Export of Pain light up the screen with divine blue jean mayhem. – BRANDON LIM

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