USA | 2003 | 60 minutes | NR

THE BLACKOUT + (Special Presentation) 

In the archives of streetball lore, there exists a chapter that remains etched in the collective memory of those fortunate enough to bear witness. From directors Edgar Burgos and Thanasis Petrakis “The Blackout,” a documentary  presented by The Black Nerds this December, resurrects a tale of The Greatest Streetball Game That Never Was.

Picture this: the blistering summer of 2003, where the streets of Harlem pulsated with anticipation. Hip-hop titans Jay-Z and Fat Joe, embroiled in their rivalry, decided to settle their scores not in the studio but on the Rucker Park court. The Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) had taken the nation by storm, converging the luminaries of hip-hop, sports, and politics for an unforgettable showdown.

However, destiny had a different game plan. On August 14, 2003, a blackout of unprecedented proportions plunged the eastern United States and Ontario into darkness. Rucker Park, set to be the stage for the most anticipated streetball championship, was left in eerie obscurity.

The Blackout is a documentary that peels back the layers of this epic saga, masterfully directed by Edgar Burgos and Thanasis Petrakis. This isn’t just a sports story; it’s a cultural moment frozen in time. The film navigates through the rich tapestry of streetball history, dating back to the ‘70s, where the courts of Rucker Park became the canvas for the intersection of hip-hop and basketball.

The Black Nerds and The Revue Cinema invite you to the 20th anniversary screening of The Blackout on December 15th, with a special presentation. Step into the time capsule, relive the palpable energy of 2003, and bear witness to the legacy of The Greatest Streetball Game That Never Was. (FADUMA GURE) 

Director: Edgar Burgos, Thanasis Petrakis
Cast: Jay-Z, Fat Joe, Sean Combs, Lebron James


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