The Brady Bunch Movie

USA | 1995 | 90 min | PG

The original ’70s T.V. family is now placed in the 1990s, where they’re even more square and out of place than ever.



Director: Betty Thomas
Cast: Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Christine Taylor


Emily Gagne and Danita Steinberg are the hosts of a new podcast about women in film at the Revue Cinema. We Really Like Her! focuses (more…)


Hey there, groovy chicks! Hold on to your bell bottoms because We Really Like Her! co-hosts Emily and Danita are screening comedy classic The Brady Brunch Movie (1995)!

Directed by Betty Thomas, The Brady Bunch Movie is a satirical, spoofy reboot of the popular sitcom that ran from 1969-1974. Despite the modern-day setting, the Bradys are still stuck in a bygone era, confusing everyone with their far out fashion and sunshiney attitudes. When a smarmy developer (Michael McKean) threatens to take away their house unless they can come up with $20,000, the six kids enter a talent show to win enough prize money to save the day.

There’s a reason this film, and its equally great sequel, have spawned so many memes and widely-shared GIFs. The cast is full of comedic gold: Shelley Long and Gary Cole as Carol and Mike, Christine Taylor as Marcia, and scene-stealer Jennifer Elise Cox as Jan. It’s also just extremely absurd, colourful, and WEIRD – exactly how we like our 90s comedies!

Whether it was a childhood mainstay or you missed it because your parents didn’t let you watch anything cool, The Brady Bunch Movie has stood the test of time, forever remaining one of the funniest films ever made. (DANITA STEINBERG & EMILY GAGNE)

Drag act by Fisher Price!


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