USA | 1987 | 81 minutes | PG


The Revue is hosting our second annual all-day marathon of classic werewolf movies — presented by our amazing Programming Team!

We kick off the marathon at Noon and then end at 2:00am on FULL MOON’S EVE!

Prepare to have a “howling” good time with us at The Revue!

Director: Fred Dekker
Cast: Andre Gower, Tom Noonan



The goofy charm of Universal’s classic monsters (Dracula! Wolf-Man! Frankenstein! The Mummy! And uh, the “Gill-Man”, all FULLY LEGALLY DISTINCT for COPYRIGHT PURPOSES from their originals!) collides with the gross-out, foul-mouthed, pop-savvy eighties in 1987 horror comedy MONSTER SQUAD (1987) by Shane Black and Fred Dekker!!

When this century’s cosmic alignment makes the powerful AMULET of DR VAN HELSING vulnerable, the nefarious COUNT DRACULA assembles a gang of familiar spooky henchmen to descend upon a sleepy American town (and its surly American tweens!) to bring about the END OF THE WORLD!! Can our Goonies-esque, LOST BOYS-adjacent heroes stop the combined power of ALL the greatest hits of the B-movie catalogue, or will this be the LAST PICTURE SHOW???

Completely overlooked at the box office thanks to the two-weeks-prior release of LOST BOYS and its strange combination of INTENSELY HORRIFYING scenes and plucky tween sensibility (“its target audience appears to be practiced sadists in the 12- to 14-year-old age group”, said the Chicago Tribune), MONSTER SQUAD is perfect fanfic camp, packed to the Gill-Man’s gills with feverish trope-bashing, surreal horror comedy…

…and – fittingly for our FULL MOON’S EVE MARATHON – one of the most memorable werewolves of the cinema, packing a horrifying transformation, surprising pathos, AND one of the great comedy sequences in the wolfy canon!!! (ANTHONY OLIVEIRA)

With video preshow, drag performance, and host Anthony Oliveira!!!

Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


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