We Really Like Her: GO FISH (1994) – New 4K Restoration!

Runtime: 83 mins | Release Year: 1994 | Rating: | Genre(s): Comedy
Production Country: USA | Original Language: English

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New 4K Restoration! 30th Anniversary Screening! 

This July, We Really Like Her! co-hosts Emily and Danita are officially extending Pride month with a 30th anniversary screening of Rose Troche’s groundbreaking lesbian classic, Go Fish (1994).

After premiering at Sundance, Go Fish quickly became LGBTQ+ canon with its positive, spirited depiction of lesbian culture. The film, set in Chicago, follows college student Max (co-writer Guinevere Turner, also seen in The Watermelon Woman and The L Word) and her friends as they navigate relationships, romantic and platonic, in their 20s. When Max meets Ely (V.S. Brodie), there isn’t an initial attraction, but after an awkward date to the movies, it’s obvious they have a connection.

Shot in beautiful black and white, the film is a perfect entry into the DIY filmmaking that dominated the 90s. With so many queer movies ending in heartbreak, Go Fish is the refreshing, comedic, feel-good antidote we deserve. (Danita Steinberg & Emily Gagne)

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Cast/Crew Info
Rose Troche | Cast: Guinevere Turner, T. Wendy McMillan, Migdalia Melendez, Anastasia Sharp, Brooke Webster