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We Really Like Her: SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II (1987)

Runtime: 85 mins | Release Year: 1987 | Rating: R | Genre(s): Comedy, Horror
Production Country: USA | Original Language: English

‣ Thursday October 10th @ 07:00 PM

Start packing your overnight bags! This Halloween season you’re invited to another Slumber Party Massacre hosted by Emily and Danita of We Really Like Her!

In the grand tradition of the girl-powered slasher franchise, Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) is written and directed by Deborah Brock. This time around, however, the stalk-and-chop shenanigans take a supernatural turn as the driller killer from the first film is resurrected as a guitar-wielding Danny Zuko wannabe. Yes, this time it’s… musical!

If that wasn’t enough to sell you,¬†Slumber Party Massacre II¬†also welcomes back the best character from the original,¬†Playgirl¬†fangirl Courtney (this time played by Crystal Bernard). Will she and her band of babes be able to enjoy their weekend away, or will this rockabilly Freddy Krueger quite literally kill the vibes?

Featuring fab fashions, outrageous kills and face-melting gross-out gags, Slumber Party Massacre II is a brightly coloured gore fest that begs to be watched with a crowd of fellow freaks. LET’S BUZZ, BABY!  (EMILY GAGNE & DANITA STEINBERG)

Part of the We Really Like Her series!

Cast/Crew Info
Deborah Brock | Cast: Crystal Bernard, Jennifer Rhodes, Kimberly McArthur, Patrick Lowe, Juliette Cummins