The screening series to haunt your dreams. Horror, Sci-Fi, and Cult weirdness.

“They say nightmares are dreams perverted…” The inaugural film of the Nightmare Alley Film Society absolutely understands the assignment. A low-budget phantasmagorical dreamscape of atmospheric tension and indefinable horror. Inspired by the Italian art films of the ’60s, with hints of Romero and Lovecraft, MESSIAH OF EVIL is ALL vibes, just in time for Hallowe’en. – STEVEN LANDRY 


Steven Landry is working at TIFF, programming for SFFF, Ithaca Fantastik, CUFF, Toronto True Crime Film Festival, and the Night Light Film Festival.


A toy factory worker, mentally scarred as a child upon learning Santa Claus is not…

When a government official disappears in the London tunnels, after several reports of missing people…

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