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Journey of a Dream

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2011 (Shenpenn Khymsar) R, 81 minutes

Shenpenn Khymsar’s feature documentary debut reveals the political and emotional struggles of a Tibetan refugee who got a chance to live the dream of possibilities in the Western world through an unconventional form of expression – Heavy Metal. Khymsar’s story of searching for a sense of belonging in a land outside of his own is one that is shared by many Tibetans who are born in exile or were forced to seek refuge outside their homeland. His journey to peace of mind as a Tibetan Heavy Metal artist in Canada is one that is uniquely his own. This groundbreaking documentary offers to bridge the gap and understanding of Metal Culture and the Struggle for a Free Tibet to a mainstream audience. With the hope of one day returning to a Free Tibet to rock out in the cafes of Lhasa, Khymsar combines two unlikely causes, finding harmony through his journey of a dream, a dream that resonates for many.


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