Members play a crucial role in providing annual support for our not-for-profit theatre. When you become a member with the Revue Cinema, you are helping to maintain the heritage building in which the Revue is located, fund our innovative, high-quality programming and preserve this beloved, cultural, community space.

When you purchase a loyalty card, individual or family membership, you become a member of the Revue Film Society, entitling you to a full year of exclusive benefits, the inside scoop on upcoming events as well as voting rights at our annual members meeting!


Free Regular Films 1 (After seen 10 films) Unlimited (1 person) Umlimited (4 family members)
Free Popcorn 1 medium (After seen 10 films) 1 large (per visit) 1 large (per visit)
Revue Special Event Discount 3$ OFF FREE with RSVP (Conditions apply) FREE with RSVP (4 family members)
Weekly and Monthly Newsletter YES YES YES
Voting Rights at the AGM YES YES YES
(card-holder only)

Senior / Student do not receive a further discount on regular film and event tickets as those ticket prices are already reduced.


Fee $20 $350 $1000


  • $3 OFF regular admission and all Revue events
  • $5 medium popcorn each visit ($1 OFF)
  • See ten movies, earn a free movie & popcorn
  • A free movie on your birthday!
  • Weekly email with film schedule
  • Voting rights at the AGM

You can also get a loyalty card by buying a Support pack which includes a tote bag and a button.

Senior / Student regular admission movie tickets receive no further discount to the already reduced admission price.


  • Unlimited free movies – All year long! (cardholder only)
  • Free large popcorn – every visit!
  • Free admission for revue special events (conditions apply)
  • Monthly Members email newsletter – Insider Intel and Extras
  • Weekly email with film schedule
  • Voting rights at the AGM


  • Unlimited free movies per year for 4 family members (no age limit) – All year long!
  • Free large popcorn – Every visit!
  • Free admission for Revue special events – with RSVP (conditions apply)
  • Monthly Members email newsletter – Insider Intel and Extras
  • Weekly email with film schedule
  • Voting rights at the AGM

All membership prices include TAX.

Membership perks (films, popcorns, admission discount) are only valid during the Membership period and must be used within 12 months of activation.



Where can I find my loyalty or membership expiration date?

A Your membership expires one year from the date of purchase. The older paper card memberships have the expiry date written on the back of the card and expire at the end of the month they were purchased in. You can check the expiry for a plastic swipe card at the box office.

  How can I get a replacement for a lost loyalty or membership card?

A  You can pick up a replacement membership or loyalty card at the box office at any time. Simply provide the box office manager with your name and we will re-issue a card for you.

When I purchase tickets for a group does my loyalty or membership discount apply to each ticket price?

A  The discounted ticket only applies to the card-holder. The rest of the non-member group would pay full price.

How soon can I use the discount after buying my loyalty or membership online?

A Right away! Your membership is valid from the date of purchase and is automatically added to our member data-base. Just present your card at the box office and start saving!

How is the film and event discount applied?

A The discount for a loyalty card is deducted from the after tax prices. For example, if the regular film admission is $13 and the discount is $3. The regular film admission is $10.

What are Revue Special Events?

A Revue Special Events and Revue Series Events are enhanced screenings created by the Revue and our dedicated programming team. Tickets to these events (which often sell out quickly!) can only be purchased online. On the event day, please present your membership or loyalty card upon check-in to validate the member discount.

Do Senior or Student loyalty or members receive further discount on on regular film and event tickets?

A Senior or Student Bronze loyalty or members do not receive additional discount on regular film and event tickets from the already reduced price.

What is the Revue Film Society?

A The Revue Film Society was formed in 2006 after the cinema was in danger of closing its doors. Formed by residents and cinephiles upset that their much-loved cinema was closing, raised close to $130,000 to support a rescue effort. In 2007, the community-based organization negotiated a lease for The Revue and we have been operating as a not-for-profit, independent, community run cinema ever since! By purchasing a Revue Membership you are now a part of the Revue Film Society, and are given voting rights at our Annual General Meetings, which typically take place every October, where we vote on new members of the Board of Directors. Members also enjoy discounts on tickets for regular shows, special events and popcorn! You can support the Revue by purchasing a membership or making a donation today.

Is My Membership Expired?

A All memberships which expired in March 2020 or later have been extended. Your new expiry date depends on how much time was left on your membership. When you arrive at the box office, you will receive a new membership card, and the manager will write your new expiry date on the back. You may also be asked to update your contact details.

I lost my membership card. What should I do?

A On your first visit, we will look up your membership using your name or email address, and we will give you a new card.

I’m a Loyalty Member. What do I need to know?

A Loyalty members are able to buy advance tickets online or in-person. On your first visit to the theatre, you will receive your new membership card, along with your new Loyalty stamp card.

What’s a Loyalty Stamp Card?

A This is brand new! Loyalty members get to redeem a free movie and popcorn after 10 visits. This card will help you track your visits so you can redeem! Bring your stamp card every time you visit to receive a stamp towards your benefit. If you buy tickets online, you will receive a stamp when you check-in at the box office. Only valid for cardholder’s tickets. Your free movie must be redeemed in person.

I’m a Loyalty member and I get a free movie on my birthday. How does this work?

A This benefit is only available on the day of your birthday. You will need to show ID to receive your free movie.

I’m an Individual or Family Member. What do I need to know?

A Individual and Family members receive unlimited movies. If you would like to reserve advance tickets, you will need to email us at info@revuecinema.ca so that we can set aside spots for you. Contact us as early as possible to ensure there is space available. You can also get tickets in-person at the box office. On your first visit to the theatre, you will receive your new membership card.

I’m a Bronze/Silver/Gold Member. Is my membership still valid?

A Yes it is, if it expired in March 2020 or later. You can check this at the box office

I bought a membership online, what do I do?

A All memberships bought online during the theatre closure will be valid starting September 1 2021 until September 30 2022. Your information has already been added to our database and you will receive your membership card on your first visit.

I bought a Support Pack, what do I get?

A Thanks for your donation! You will receive your Loyalty card, Loyalty stamp card, tote bag and buttons on your first visit.

I bought a member ticket online, but I’m not a member yet. What should I do?

A When you arrive at the box office to check-in your ticket, you will be asked to set up your membership.

I bought a member ticket online, but my membership has expired. What should I do?

A When you arrive at the box office to check-in your ticket, you will be asked to renew your membership.

I’m a member, my friend is not. Can I buy a ticket for them at the member price?

A No, member benefits are only valid for the cardholder. They would pay full price.

I’m a member, do I get a discount on tickets on Half-Off Tuesdays?

A Tickets are $6.50 on Tuesdays for all customers, including members (for regular movies, not events). However, members can still use their card for benefits at concessions.