USA | 1997 | 96 minutes | PG

Work sucks, we know. On April 11, ditch the after-work drinks and join us for a rare screening of Jill Sprecher’s dark comedy, Clockwatchers (1997).

Two years before the cult favourite Office Space was released, Clockwatchers was first to skewer the mundane horrors of corporate culture and fluorescent overhead lighting. As four lowly temp workers at the non-descript Global Credit company, Iris (Toni Collette), Margaret (Parker Posey), Paula (Lisa Kudrow), and Jane (Alanna Ubach) forge a strong friendship to combat the soul-crushing reality of cubicle life.

When mysterious thefts occur around the office, security cameras are installed and suspicion quickly falls on rebellious Margaret, threatening her chance at an executive assistant position. Then, even more tension arises when the new hire, Cleo (Helen Fitzgerald), lands a permanent role after only her first day. In the dog-eat-dog world of capitalism, it is hard to know who to trust and the womens’ friendships are put to the test.

As a 9 to 5 and Office Killer successor, Clockwatchers continues to examine the specific challenges of being a woman in the workplace – from sexual harassment and disrespectful male coworkers to feeling disposable and undervalued. With its deadpan humour, pitch-perfect performances, and evergreen social commentary, it’s time to circle back on this 90s hidden gem. (DANITA STEINBERG & EMILY GAGNE)

Director: Jill Sprecher
Cast: Toni Collette, Parker Posey, Lisa Kudrow, Alanna Ubach


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