SONS OF STEEL (1988) – Featuring A Live Performance by DRAGON STEEL!

Australia | 1988 | 104 minutes | NR

With live performance by DRAGON STEEL!

(feat. members of Dragon Sounds and Thunder Glove!)

The nuttiest, wildest, most utterly insane science-fiction-time-travelling-rock-opera-eco-terrorist-action film Australia has ever produced, SONS OF STEEL is a no-holds-barred kick to the cerebral cortex. Once seen you’ll never be quite the same.

Superstar new wave/hair metal muscle rock impresario and anti-fascist eco-warrior Black Alice is topping the charts (with a sexy 80s cover of Thunderclap Newman’s “Something in the Air” – an amazing music video that kicks off the movie?!?) but is imprisoned in a stasis hologram by the dictatorial leaders of OCEANA (motto: “In Spiritus Wankem”), the corporate entity that now rules Australia. Trapped in endless slumber for eons until he is accidentally freed by two barbarian warriors from a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Black Alice learns that the home he once knew was destroyed by a nuclear sub that floated into Sydney Harbour. Black Alice must travel back in time to stop evil scientists and corporate stooges, save the world, and also rock out and move the story forward with many musical numbers. Plus there’s an early 3D generated Max Headroom-style narrator.

Lewd, angry, packed with pretty rippin’ tunes – I have genuinely never seen anything quite like this Australian oddity that lands somewhere between a post apocalyptic Rocky Horror Picture Show and Black Roses with an Aussie Dee Snider-via-Alice Cooper cracking dumb jokes adrift in a moody realm of steel and fog, with a strange pop new wave meets muscle metal in-your-face Australian energy that tosses every tone and genre into the blender and fires back with lasers. It’s got some of that 80s NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE vibe – none of these plot threads or genres or actors quite mesh together, and thank goodness because it’s one of a kind.

Lovingly restored from original film elements under the supervision of director Gary L. Keady, this rarely seen gem will knock your socks off, stuff them in your mouth and hog-tie you. There is no escape from SONS OF STEEL!

Director: Gary L. Keady
Cast: Rob Hartley, Roz Wason, Jeff Duff


Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


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